music business quiz

  1. When is copyright protection considered secured?
    As soon as the work is made tangible.
  2.    What are the five exclusive rights of the owner?
    • ·      Reproduce
    • ·      Perform
    • ·      Distribute
    • ·      Display
    • ·      Derive
  3. What website should you use to register a copyright?
  4. What are the benefits of registering ones copyright?
    *****Literary works, musical works, dramatic works, pictorial, sound recordings, etc.
  5. How many copyrights exist in a recording?
    • Sound Recording [SR]
    • Performing Arts [PA]
  6. Which copyright registrations do you search when trying to license music?
    Pa & SR
  7. What is the publisher’s job?
    Promoting songs, negotiating license for the songs, collecting royal- ties, and distributing royalty shares to songwriters.
  8. What is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive license?
    • Exclusive- rights to use to yourself only.
    • Non-Exclusive- right to use, with others
  9. What is the purpose of the split sheet?
  10. Image Upload 1
    Image Upload 2
  11. When do you need a mechanical license and where can you obtain it?
    make a new recording of someone else lyrics
  12. Who is the Harry Fox Agency and what is their purpose?
    mechanicl rights rolitys
  13.   What is the current statutory rate for a mechanical license?
    • Song 5min or less< 9.1cents/song/rec.solo
    • 5min or more< 1.75cents/min/song/rec.solo
  14. When, and where, would you need to apply for the compulsory mechanical license?
    unwilling to negotate
  15. When do you need a master recording license?
    when filing for mechical using orginl or sampling
  16. When is a Synchronization license needed?
    when the recording artist's music is synchronized to a video: music video, movie, television, commercial, etc
  17. Who are the PROs? What license do you obtain from them and for what purpose?
    • peformance rights org.
    • ASCAP
    • BMI
    • SESAL
  18. Who is SoundExchange and what do you contact them for?
    artist roylties
  19. What is a contract?
  20. What are the five valid (enforceable) points of a contract?
    • parties are legal
    • no illegal acts
    • unambiguous language
    • consideration
    • mutal agreement
  21. Why are oral agreements discouraged yet still common?
  22.     What is the purpose of the statute of frauds?
  23. 1.     What
    what are the categories within the statute of frauds?
    • real estate transactions
    • sale of goods over $500
    • agrements that take more than a year to complete
    • pre-nuptial agrements
    • sale of exclusive copyrights
    • agreement to pay someone else's debt
  24. What are clauses (provisions) in a contract? [Know some examples!]
    • porviston writen
    • good faith
    • imdematy
  25. What is the difference between protections and options in a contract? (be able to recognize these in an agreement)
  26.     REVIEW THE CONTRACT ON PAGE 123 of your textbook!!!!
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