construction vocab. #2

  1. Architectural Plans 
    Drawings that show the desing of the project. also called architectural drawings. 
  2. Object lines 
    identify the object of primary interest or the closest object. 
  3. Blue prints 
    years ago lines were ehite and the background was blue. plans are riten/ drawn on this.
  4. Detail Drawings 
    details are shown hear, which are enlarged views of some special features of a building, such as floors and walls.
  5. Dimesion lines 
    these lines end with arrows, dots, or slashes at a termination line drawn perpendicular to the dimension line.
  6. Dimension
    shows any trees on the property, construction features such as walks, driveways, or utilities, and legal description of the property.
  7. Title block 
    a part of a drawing sheet that includes some general information about the project.
  8. Hiden lines 
    a dashed line showing an object obstructed from view by another object 
  9. scale 
    the ratio between the size of a drawing of an object and the size of the actual object.
  10. construction drawings 
    Architectural or working drawings used to represent a structure or system.
  11. center line 
    shows the measured center of an object, such as a coulumn or fixture. 
  12. leader- arrowheads 
    in drafting, the line on which an arrowhead is placed and used to identify a component.
  13. cut lines 
    lines around parts of a drawing that is to be shown in a separate  cross- sectional view.
  14. break lines 
    show where an object has been broken off to save space on the drawing. 
  15. Three View Drawing 
    a tree side drawing that contains a top, front, and right view.
  16. schematic drawing 
    diagram of an electrical or mechanical system.
  17. Legend 
    a description of the symbols and abbreviations used in a set of drawing.
  18. Elevation Drawing 
    side view of a building or object, showing hight and width.
  19. NTS
    Describes drawings that show relative positions and size 
  20. Drawing area 
    the drawing area prodides a grid wher the user can provide the flor plan of a house 
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