en101 vocab

  1. propitiate
    To win or regain the good will of; to appease or conciliate
  2. congenial
    suited to one's needs or nature; agreeable
  3. innovation
    something newly introduced; a chagne in the way of doing things
  4. alimony
    money a judge orders paid to a woman out of the income of her husband after a legal separation or a divorce
  5. proficient
    Having or marked by an advanced degree of competence, as in an art, vocation, profession, or branch of learning.
  6. autonomous
  7. harass
    to toruble, worry, torment, in military usage, to trouble by constant raids, attacks, etc.
  8. dissension
    a difference of opinion; strife, quarreling, wrangling
  9. squalid
    Dirty or deteriorated, especially from poverty or lack of care
  10. solstice
    Either of two times of the year when the sun is at its greatest angular distance from the celestial equator
  11. intrepid
    bold, fearless
  12. formidable
    Arousing fear, dread, or alarm
  13. cosmopolitan
    not national or local; not bound by local or national habits or prejudices; at home in all countries or places
  14. decimate
    to select by lot and kill every tenth one of; to destroy or kill a large part of
  15. implacable
    Impossible to placate or appease: implacable foes
  16. infer
    to derice as a conclusion from facts or premises; to guess; to surmise
  17. esthetic
    (from Gk. verb meaning "to perceive")relating to or dealing with the beautiful; responsive to or zealous about the beautiful
  18. franchise
    a constitutional or statutory right or privilege, especailly the right to vote
  19. vindictive
    disposed to seek revenge; spiteful
  20. diffusion
    (L. dis-, apart + fundere, to pour) dispersion; dissemination
  21. facilitate (only one "l")
    to make easier
  22. disseminate (two s's)
    (L, dis-, apart+seminare, to sow) to spread abroad as though sowing seed
  23. buffer
    any of various devices or pieces of material for reducing shock due to contact; something lying between two larger rival powers
  24. asylum
    (Gk. asulos, inviolable, from a-, without + sule, right of seizure) an inviolable place or refuge and protection- sanctuary; protection from arrest and extradition given especailly to political refugees
  25. scion
    a desendant, child, esp. one of royal stock; a detached living portion of a plant joined to a stock in grafting
  26. incursion
    1. An aggressive entrance into foreign territory; a raid or invasion.2. The act of entering another's territory or domain.
  27. imbue
    1. To inspire or influence thoroughly; pervade: work imbued with the revolutionary spirit.2. To saturate, impregnate, or dye.
  28. encroach
    1. To take another's possessions or rights gradually or stealthily: encroach on a neighbor's land.2. To advance beyond proper or former limits: desert encroaching upon grassland.
  29. tenacious
    1. Extremely persistent in adhering to or doing something; stubborn or relentless2. Holding together firmly; cohesive: a tenacious material.
  30. confiscate
    1. To seize (private property) for the public treasury, especially as a penalty for wrongdoing.2. To seize by authority
  31. dole
    a giving out of goods or money in charity; payment by agovernment to an unemployed person
  32. astute
    [Latin astūtus, from astus, craft] Having or showing shrewdness and discernment, especially with respect to one's own concerns.
  33. implement
    to cary into effect; execute
  34. demagogue
    A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace.
  35. decadent
    [L. cadere, to fall] fallen into an inferior condition or state
  36. synthesis
    [Gk. sys-, together+thesis, a placing] The combination of parts or elements; a complex whole made up of parts or elements combined
  37. ostentatious
  38. urbane
    [L. urbs, city] smooth and polished in manner; elegantly courteous or polite
  39. equanimity
    The quality of being calm and even-tempered; composure.
  40. predilection
    A special liking for something; a preference.
  41. invective
    vehement denunciation; an utterance of violent censure or reproach
  42. utilitarian
    • 1. Of, relating to, or in the interests of utility
    • 2. Exhibiting or stressing utility over other values; practical
  43. excise
    to remove by or as if by cutting
  44. judicious
    using or showing good judgment as to action or practical expediency; discreet
  45. magnanimity
    The quality of being magnanimous; nobility.
  46. meticulous
    Showing or acting with extreme care and concern for details.
  47. asceticism
    the practice of self-denial for the sake of some ideal; the religious doctirne that one can reach a higher spiritual state by rigorous self-discipline.
  48. subjugate
    • 1. To bring under control, especially by military force; conquer.
    • 2. To make subordinate or subject to the dominion of something else:
  49. aversion
    • a. A fixed, intense dislike; repugnance
    • b. The cause or object of such a feeling
  50. homogeneous
    [Gk. homos, the same+genos, race, family, kind] Composed of similar or identical parts; uniform
  51. divination
    the practice of trying to roretell the future by occult means
  52. sanction
    authoritative permission or approval that makes a course of action valid
  53. redress
    to compensate for, as evils, abuses, afflictions; to correct or set right
  54. corollary
    a proposition that follows from another that has been proved; anything that follows as a normal result.
  55. postulate
    to assume without proof to be true, real, or necessary; to set forth as self-evident or already known; to take for granted
  56. inculcate
    • 1. To impress (something) upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition; instill
    • 2. To teach (others) by frequent instruction or repetition; indoctrinate
  57. ramification
    A development or consequence growing out of and sometimes complicating a problem
  58. supplant
    [L, supplantare,  to put something under the sole of the foot, trip up; from sub-, under, below, + planta, sole of the foot] To take the place of; to supersede
  59. bolster
    • 1. To support or prop up with or as if with a long narrow pillow or cushion.
    • 2. To buoy up or hearten
  60. tenuous
    • a. Weak or insubstantial; flimsy, thin
    • b. Precarious or insecure
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