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  1. Sacramental Awareness
    a special appreciation of the sacred in the world
  2. Sacred
    • the holy
    • that which is of God
  3. Sacramental Dullness
    those who cannot perceive the sacred in their lives or in the world
  4. Cure for Sacramental Dullness
    Take a second look
  5. Sacramental Skills
    • listening
    • responding
  6. Sacramental Moments
    Occasions in which God has graced a person's life
  7. Sacraments
    sacramental moments that are raised up and intensified through ritual, and celebrated as God's communication of love
  8. Signs
    • have one meaning
    • easily recognized
  9. Symbol
    • multiple meanings
    • what they stand for is connected to theirphysical appearance
    • they evoke a response
  10. Kinds of Symbols
    • Cultural
    • Universal
  11. Cultural Symbols
    specific to a situation, place or group
  12. Universal symbols
    clearly recognized throughout the world and of all time
  13. Ways of thinking
    • Literal Thinking
    • Symbolic Thinking
  14. Literal Thinking
    • consider something at face value
    • concerned only with the facts
    • no interpretation
  15. Symbolic Thinking
    • Looks for connections
    • open to deep significance
    • expresses emotion when words are unable
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