Vocab Quiz #3

  1. Behoove, v.
    to be necessary or proper for;
  2. Amalgamation, n. 
    a mixture or combination of;
  3. Flippant, adj.
    lacking in seriousness; shallow;
  4. Scapegoat, n.
    a person or group made to bear the blame for others;
  5. Auspices, n.
    patronage; support; sponsorship
  6. Hemorrhage, n and v.
    a profuse discharge of blood;
  7. Promulgate, v.
    to set forth or teach publicly;
  8. Incontrovertable, adj.
    not open to question or dispute;
  9. Inviolable, adj.
    secure from destruction; unassailable
  10. Rostrum, n.
    any platform or stage for public speaking;
  11. Indemnity, adj.
    protection or security against damage or loss;
  12. Patrimony, n.
    any quality that is inherited; heritage;
  13. Sovereignty, n.
    political independence;
  14. Subversive, adj.
    attempt to overthrow or undermine the principles of;
  15. Subvert, v.
    to overthrow
  16. Anachronistic, adj.
    someone or something not in the correct time or era;
  17. Crass, adj.
    without refinement or sensitivity;
  18. Anachronism, n.
    someone or something not in the correct time or era;
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Vocab Quiz #3