Anatomy 2

  1. What is a visible evidence of disease called
  2. What are high blood pressure, x-rays, and urinalysis examples of?
  3. What is the abnormality of a function due to a disease felt by the patient called
  4. what are fevers, headaches, diarrhea, and cramps examples of
  5. What is it called when we use the signs and symptoms to determine which disease is affecting a patient
  6. what is it called when there is a collection of signs and symptoms, usually with a common cause that distinguishes a specific disease
  7. what type of syndrom results in poor immunity, mental retardation, flat faces, sparce/straight hair, abnormal palm creases, and short in height
    down's syndrome
  8. what is a result of abnormalitites of the 21st chromosome
    down's syndrome
  9. what is it called when signs and symptoms appear suddendly, but only remain for a short time
    acute disease
  10. what is it called when signs and symptoms develop slowly and last for a long time, possibly foreer
    chronic disease
  11. what is the reversal of a chronic condition called
  12. what is it called when a disease has an undetermined cause
  13. what is the pattern a disease follows called
  14. what are the 3 stages of pathogenesis
    • latent period
    • disease period
    • conalescence period
  15. what is the first stage of pathogenesis
    latent period
  16. what is the second stage of pathogenesis
    disease period
  17. what is the third stage of pathogenesis
    covalescence period
  18. what pathogenesis period is where a pathogen enters the body and starts reproducing
    latent period
  19. what pathogenesis period is where the patient becomes symptomatic
  20. what pathogenesis period is the patient recovery time
  21. what is it called when a disease and can passed person to person
    communicable disease
  22. what is the study of occurrence, distribution, and transmission of disease called
  23. what is a disease occuring in a specific lacation based on geography and climate called
    endemic disease
  24. what is a disease that spreads to many people at the same time, in the same region or area called
  25. what is a disease that spreads to many people at the same time over a larger region, possibly worldwide
  26. what is the branc of U.S. Public health agency that tracks the incidence and spread of world wide disease called
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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