Med-surge chapter 11

  1. what is different in a nursing assessment of the older adult
    Pg. 152-153
    Functional Assesment is the focus in Geriatric assesments, this measures the Activitity of daily living and knowing what the individual can and cant do alone.
  2. What are the two different types of hearing loss and the differencebetween them
    • Conduction deafness: is the blockage of the ear canal by wax, abnormal structures or infecteion. <-- -conduction deafness is easily treated.
    • Senesorineutral deafness: is the result of damage to nerve tissue caused by loud noises, disease, and certain drugs. Hearing aids can help here
  3. Ageism, and how it influences the behavior of its victims
    • Ageism: stereotyping and discrimination against people because of their age.
    • --- some respond to ageism by confronting the stereotypes, others deny them with age-innappropriate behavior. (Ex. a 70 year old woman with 3 inch heals and short skirts)
  4. effects of aging on the Nervous system
    Page 145-146.
    • * only modest impairments in memory and learning observed after 70 years in most people who are relatively free from major disease
    • Loss of nurons begins in the 30's and gradually increases
    • reduced neurons=decreased conduction
    • slowing responses, problems with short term memory
  5. effects of aging on the Respiratory system
    • Weakening and atrophy of the respiratory muscles,
    • increase in the antiposterior diameter of the chest due to kyphosis.
    • decreased diffusion across the alveolar-capilary menbrane,
    • Decrease in pulmonary bloosd flow
    • -->despite all this the ability of the older adult to maintain oxygenation is is not seriously impared.
  6. the importance of a good functional assessment and things you may need to put in your care Plan for an older patient.  
    in Geriatric patients, a medical diagnosos is not enough, weather a person is indapendant, and a disease is controlled appropriately, with medications, or wether the patient is totally dependand of others and is in need of serious intervention with his/her illness are all apart of the functional assesment.
  7. Effects of ageing on the remnal sysem
    • decreased renal function, decrease in cell mass, increase in extracellular fluid, By seventy numberr of nephrons are one half to two thirds,
    • lax muscle tone may lead ti incomplete emptying of the bladder
  8. effects of ageing on the integumentary system.
    • Deep wrinkles occur when skin looses moisture and elasticity.
    • itching related to loss of oils in the skin
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