Marketing ch 12

  1. advertising allowance
    An allowance (money) a manufacturer provide retailers to advertise its products in local newspapers.
  2. cause-related marketing
    When a company supports a nonprofit organization in some way in order to generate positive public relations.
  3. contests
    Sales promotions that people enter or participate in order to win a prize.
  4. conventions
    Meetings of groups of professionals that provide a way for sellers to showing potential customers different products.
  5. coupons
    Provide an immediate price reduction off an item and the amount of the coupon is reimbursed to the retailer by the manufacturer.
  6. damage control
    Crisis management PR effort aimed to minimize any negative effects a company gets from bad publicity.
  7. free merchandise
    A product or service a seller offers retailers in order to get them to push it toward consumers.
  8. loyalty programs
    Marketing efforts that reward the frequent purchase and consumption of an offering.
  9. point-of-purchase displays
    In-store displays designed to encourage consumers to buy products immediately.
  10. premiums
    Something consumers get for free or a small handling charge with proof of purchase.
  11. press release
    A news story written by an organization to promote a product, service, or person.
  12. product demonstrations
    A demonstration designed to show a channel partner’s customers how products work and answer any questions they might have.
  13. product placement
    Getting a company’s product included as part of a television show, movie, video game, special event.
  14. public relations (PR)
    The process of creating a positive image for a company, an offering, or a person via publicity.
  15. publicity
    Publicized information such as news stories about products and services, people, and organizations.
  16. pull strategy
    A strategy in which consumers are targeted with sales promotions such as coupons, contests, games, rebates, mail-in offers.
  17. push money
    A cash incentive a manufacturer provides its channel partners to sell particular items.
  18. push strategy
    A strategy in which businesses are the target of promotions so products get “pushed” through their marketing channels and sold to consumers.
  19. rebates
    A promotion whereby part of the purchase price of an offering is refunded to a customer after the customer completes a form and sends in the proof of purchase (sales receipt).
  20. sales contests
    Contests designed to motivate salespeople to increase their sales of particular products.
  21. sales promotion
    Other forms of promotions (coupons, contests, rebates, mail-in offers) not included as a component of a communication mix.
  22. sample
    A small amount of a product given to consumers to try for free.
  23. sponsorship
    Paying a fee to have your name associated with different things such a particular venue, person’s apparel, or event, or even a NASCAR vehicle.
  24. trade allowances
    Discounts an organization gives its channel partners for performing different functions.
  25. trade promotions
    Sales promotions aimed at businesses.
  26. trade show
    An event in which firms in a particular industry display and demonstrate their offerings to other organizations they hope will buy them.
  27. training
    Assistance an organization offers its channel partner’s salespeople. The goal is to help them understand how the organization’s products work and how consumers can be enticed to buy them.
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