Bone Marrow Definitions

  1. Define nucleus.
    structure within a cell that contains DNA, nucleoli, and nuclear proteins
  2. Define nucleolus.
    small, round-oval structures within the nucleus of a cell that contains RNA and proteins
  3. Define chromatin.
    a complex of DNA and nuclear proteins found within the nucleus
  4. Define perinuclear clear zone.
    a clear area near or around the nucleus of a cell.  it contains the golgi apparatus that does not stain
  5. Define adipocyte.
    fat cell
  6. Define erythroid.
    pertaining to a red blood cell or one of its developmental precursors
  7. Define myeloid.
    • pertaining to bone marrow.  bone marrow stem cells that give rise to erythrocyte precursors, megakaryocytes, and nonlymphocytic cells
    • often used as a term that identifies granulocytic cells and their precursors and that is the way we will use this term in lab
  8. Define megakaryocyte.
    bone marrow cell form which blood platelets arise
  9. Define plasma cell.
    a leukocyte that has differentiated to an antibody secreting cells - produce antibodies
  10. Define osteoblast.
    large cell found in the bone marrow that is important to bone formation
  11. Define osteoclast.
    very large multinucleated cell in the bone marrow that is important to bone remodeling (breaks down bone)
  12. Define mast cell.
    • granulated round cell found in low numbers in that bone marrow
    • tissue cell characterized by abundant, small, metachromatic cytoplasmic granules that function as part of the immune system.
  13. Define mott cell.
    plasma cells containing multiple globular cytoplasmic inclusions composed of immunoglobulins (russell bodies)
  14. Define russell bodies.
    cytoplasmic inclusions in plasma cells representing packes of immunoglobulins
  15. Define hemosiderin.
    insoluble form of iron that appears as a golden-brown to black, granular to globular material
  16. Define mitosis.
    cell division, the chromosomes are visible
  17. Define M:E ratio.
    relative percentages of myeloid and erythroid cells in the bone marrow
  18. Define Jamshidi needle.
    needle for obtaining bone marrow core samples
  19. Define N:C ratio.
    relative percentage of nuclear and cytoplasmic material in a cell.
  20. Define Rosenthal needle.
    used for aspirating of bone marrow
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