S4M1 pharm

  1. tetrabenazine
    • monoamine depleter for HD chorea
    • VMAT2 inhibitor
    • A/E: depression/suicidal ideation
  2. INF beta 1a and 1b
    reduce relapsing attacks in MS
  3. fingolamid
    • sphingosine-1-P (S1P) receptor modulator
    • inhibits mvmt of lymphocytes from LN
    • reduce relapsing attacks in MS
    • **inc liver enzymes
  4. glatiramer acetate
    • immunomodulator for relapsing attacks of MS
    • alters APCs
  5. natalizumab
    • anti-alpha-4-integrin mab
    • 2nd line tx for relapse attacks in MS
    • IVq4w
    • A/E: PML (use req. TOUCH program)
  6. riluzole
    • inhibits glutamate release, NMDA-r blocker
    • extends survival or time to tracheotomy in ALS
  7. pramiprexole, ropinirole, rotigotine, apomorphine
    • non-ergotamine DA agonists
    • first line tx in early onset PD
  8. entacapone and tolcapone
    • COMT inhibitors
    • prevent DA peripheral s/e by enhancing L-DOPA levels in periphery and optimizing carbidopa/L-dopa therapy
  9. Conditions for using DA agonists in PD
    use a single DA agĀ alone in early tx of PD to delay the use of L-Dopa in pts <66YO (ropinirole and pramipexole)

    used in combo with L-Dopa in advance PD
  10. apomorphine
    non-ergot DA agonist used for "off" periods for rescue of freezing moments
  11. rotigotine
    • novel DA agonist for early and late stage PD as well as RLS
    • transdermal patch
  12. tacrine
    1st gen AChE-I for delay in progression of AD
  13. donepezil, rivastigmine and galantamine
    • 2nd gen AChE-I for delay in progression of AD
    • Donepizil commen s/e: N/V/D, insomnia, loss of appetite
  14. memantine
    NMDA antagonist (weak), blocks damage from too much glutamate
  15. TCA + SSRI
    seratonin syndrome
  16. TCA + MAOI
    HTN crisis
  17. acamprosate
    • NMDA-r blocker, used for EtOH abuse, to reduce post-cessation craving
    • shown good success when taken with naltrexone
  18. Varencline
    partial ag at N-ACh-r shown to minimize withdrawal and reduce craving in smokers
  19. Buprenorphine
    • mu partial agonist (high affinity)
    • often combined with naloxone to prevent IV injection, which would ppt withdrawl sx
  20. dissociative anesthetics in drug abuse
    block NMDA sites
  21. atomoxetine
    • SNRI, non-stim used for ADHD
    • can cause reversible liver injury
    • not for use with ht dis, DM, or HTN
  22. bupropion
    • NE and DA RI
    • off label usage for ADD
    • CYP450 inhibitor
  23. partial seizure in elderly
  24. absence sz tx
    ethosuxumide, valproate, lamotrigine
  25. myoclonis sz tz
    valproate and levetiracetem
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