American History (Exams)

  1. Who were Patriots?
    People who want liberty and freedom
  2. What were Loyalists/Tories?
    People who agree with the King; not always agree, but don't rebel
  3. What was The First Continental Congress?
    A gathering of colonial leaderswho were concerned on how England is treating the colonies
  4. What was the goal of The First Continental Congress?
    To state the concerns of the colonists and ask the King to correct the problem
  5. What was the outcome of The First Continental Congress?
    • -Continue to boycott British goods
    • -Told the colonial militia to prepare for war
  6. What are Militia?
    • -Ordinary citizens that volunteers to protect a community in times of need.
    • -Also called minutemen
  7. What is the Declaration of Rights?
    Outline 10 statements against the King
  8. Who was the Governor of Massachusetts and what did he find out about the colonist?
    Thomas Gaige and he found out that colonists were gathering weapons in the town Concord
  9. What did Thomas Gaige decide to do about the supplies?
    He decided to sieze the supplies
  10. True or False
    The colonists knew how the British were going to attack
    False; they didn't know how they would attack
  11. Who were the 4 men that were involved in the Plan at Midnight?
    Robert Livingston, William Dawes, Samuel Prescott, and Paul Revere
  12. Who would be in the Old North Church in Boston?
    Robert Newman
  13. What did 1 lantern mean? What did 2 laterns mean?
    • Raise 1 lantern - British come across land
    • Raise 2 lanterns - British come across sea
  14. How many lanterns did Newman raise?
    2; the British were coming by land
  15. What happened to Revere on the Midnight Ride?
    He was captured
  16. What was known as the Shot Heard Around the World?
    The battles at Lexington and Concord
  17. What did Thomas Paine write?
    A pamphlet where he argues that citizens, not kings, should make laws. This was called Common Sense.
  18. Why was it called the Shot Heard Around the World?
    It was called this because some people were hearing about it, so they told their friends and so on and so forth.
  19. What was the outcome of the pamphlet Common Sense?
    • -Thomas Paine's words reached all the colonies.
    • -Changed the way many colonists viewed the King
    • -Argued for economic freedom and for the right to have a military
  20. What was the outcome of the Second Continental Congress?
    Authorized that the Massachusetts militia was to become the new Continental Army (fought in blue)
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