SAT words 3

  1. impecunious
    (adj.) poor
  2. imperative
    1. (adj.) necessary, pressing

    2. (n.) a rule, order, or command
  3. imperious
  4. impetuous
    hastily done, rash
  5. judicious
    (adj.) having or exercising sound judgement
  6. juxtaposition
    (n.) the act of placing two things next to each other
  7. knell
    (n.) the solemn sound of a bell often indicating a death
  8. kudos
    (n.) praise for an achievement
  9. laceration
    (n.) a cut, a tear
  10. laconic
    (ADJ.) terse in writing or speech
  11. languid
    (adj.) sluggish from fatigue or weakness
  12. larceny
    (n.) obtaining anothers property by theft or trickery
  13. largess
    (n.) the generous giving of lavish gifts
  14. latent
    (adj.) present but hidden or undeveloped
  15. lavish
    • (n.) give without limits
    • (adj.) given without limits
  16. legerdemain
    (adj.) deception, sleight of hand
  17. libertarian
    (adj.) advocating principles of liberty
  18. licentious
    (adj,) unrestrained by morals, especially in a sexual content
  19. limpid
    clear, transparent
  20. linchpin
    (n.) something that holds seperate parts together
  21. lithe
    (adj.) graceful, flexible, supple
  22. litigant
    (n.) someone involved in a lawsuit
  23. luminous
    (adj.) brightly shining
  24. lurid
    (adj.) shocking, sensational
  25. maelstrom
    (n.) a destructive whirlpool that rapidly sucks in objects
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