SAT words 2

  1. impinge
    • 1. (v.) to impact, affect, make an impression
    • 2. (v.) encroach, intrude
  2. implacable
    (adj.) incapable of being appeased, relentless
  3. implement
    • 1. (n.) an instument, utensil, tool
    • 2. (v.) to put into effect, to institute
  4. implicate
    (v.) to involve in an incriminating way, incriminate
  5. implicit
    (adj,) understood put not outwardly obvious, implied
  6. impregnable
    (adj.) resistant to capture or penetration
  7. impudent
    (adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent
  8. furtive
    (adj.) stealthy, secretive
  9. garish
    (adj.) showy, gaudy
  10. garrulous
    (adj,) talkative, wordy
  11. genial
    (adj) friendly, affable
  12. gluttony
    (n.) overendulgance in food or drink
  13. goad
    (n.) to spur, urge, incite to action
  14. gourmand
    (n.) someone fond of eating or drinking
  15. grandiloquence
    (n.) lofty, pompous language
  16. grandiose
    (adj.) on a magnificent or exagerrated scale
  17. gratuitous
    (adj.) uncalled for, unwarranted
  18. gregarious
    (adj.) drawn to the company of others, sociable
  19. Grevious
    (adj.) injurious, hurtful; serious in nature
  20. guile
    (n.) defietful, cunnning, sly behavior
  21. hackneyed
    (adj.) unoriginal, trite
  22. hallowed
    (adj.) revered, consecrated
  23. hapless
    (adj.) unlucky
  24. harangue
    (n.) a lenghtly ranting speech

    (v.) to give a lenghtly ranting speech
  25. hardy
    (adj.) robust, capable of living through adverse conditions
  26. harrowing
    (adj.) greatly distressing, vexing
  27. hedonist
    one who believes pleasure should be the primary pursuit of humans
  28. hegemony
    (n.) leadership or domination over others
  29. heinous
    (adj.) shockingly wicked, repugnant
  30. heterogeneous 
    diverse, varied in nature
  31. iconoclast
    one who attacks or breaks common beliefs or institutions
  32. idiosyncratic
    peculiar to one person, highly individualized
  33. idolatrous
    (adj.) excessively worshipping one person or thing
  34. ignominious
    disgraceful, humiliating
  35. immutable
    not changeable
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