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  1.  what is a prokaryotic cell?
    • *(Before Nucleus) these guys are cells, but they have no internal membrane bound structures 
    • *no membrane-bound nucleus or membrane-bound   organelles 
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  2. what is a Eukaryotic cell?
    (True Nucleus) do have internal membrane bound structures membrane bound nucleus and membrane-bound organelles

    • includes organisms
    • such as protists, fungi, animals (including helminths) and  plants.                            
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  3. what is an acelluar organism?
    these are not made of what would be defined as cells and vary tremendously in form They are not considered alive

    • ◦Examples
    • *Viruses
    •  -Influenza
    • *Prions
    • -Mad
    • -cow disease
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  4. what scientist developed taxonomic system for naming plants and animals and grouping similar organisms together?
    Image Upload 4Carolus Linnaeus (Swedish)
  5. What did Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1670s) contribute to microbiology?
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    • He made excellent microscopes (up to 300x)
    • He discovered bacteria in 1676.
    • He discovered protozoa “animalcules
    • He grouped microorganisms into six categories
  6. what six categories did Antonie Van Leewenhoek group organisms in?
    • Fungi
    • Protozoa
    • Algae
    • Bacteria
    • Archaea 
    • –Small animals
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