history 16

  1. who was the leader of the provisional government, which the communists overthrew
  2. how did lenin get back into russia after world war I began
    he was smuggled in by the Germans
  3. what idea did lenin add to the theories of karl marx
    that violent revolution could speed the creation of the classless society
  4. what was lenin's name for the pure form of communism he first tried to impose? when it failed, what policy did he replace it with
    war communism; new economic policy
  5. what does stalin mean
    man of steel
  6. what was stalin's name for his plans to improve soviet industry
    five year plans
  7. what is meant by the "collectivization" of agriculture
    collectivation: taking land from farm owners, joining them into large gov-owned farms and assigning farmers to work them
  8. during world war II, what soviet city was the site of a lengthy german siege
  9. what battle was the turning point of the war for the soviet union
    battle of stalingrad
  10. what did stalin do in eastern europe after world war II
    he forced communist governments on the nations of that region and brought them under soviet domination
  11. what is the phrase describing the period of competition between to communnist world and the free world from the end of world war II to the 1980s
    cold war
  12. who wrote one day in the life of war danisovich
  13. in what eastern european nation did khrushchev crush a democratic uprising in the 1950s
  14. what island nearly became the cause of war between the united states and the USSR
  15. what neighboring nation did the soviet union invade in 1979
  16. what is the official religious belief of communism
  17. what was the state church of russia
    russian orthodox church
  18. among what religious-ethnic group did the russian baptists orginate
    german-speaking mennonites
  19. stalin got rid of people he thought were conspiring against him by______
  20. one of the cruelest dictators in history
  21. who replaced stalin and announced he was making a policy of "de-stalinization"
  22. people who criticized the soviet government
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