Wordly Wise Lesson 12

  1. Adversity (n)
    Misfortune; hardship
  2. Cardinal (adj)
    Most important; chief
  3. Credible (adj)
    Believable, reliable
  4. Empathize (v)
    To show or feel understanding of another's feelings or problems
  5. Faculty (n)
    • 1. Any of the natural powers of the mind and body, such as sight and hearing
    • 2. An imborn ability; a knack
    • 3. All the teachers of a school
  6. Harrowing (adj)
    Very distressful or acutely painful
  7. Impair (v)
    To damage, weaken, or lessen
  8. Infer (v)
    To reach a conclusion through reasoning
  9. Intuition (n)
    Knowing or sensing something without the use of reason; an insight
  10. Manifest 
    • (adj)
    • 1.Plain to see; evident
    • (v)
    • 2. To make clear; to reveal
  11. Nuance (n)
    • A very slight change in meaning or feeling; a gradation
    • Ex.
    • Only practice can allow one to bring out the nuances in all the pieces they play.
  12. Pernicious (adj)
    Very destructive or harmful
  13. Solace (n)
    Comfort or relief in sorrow or depression; consolation
  14. Treatise (n)
    A methodically and thouroughly written discussion of a topic; a thesis
  15. Vogue (n)
    The popular fashion at the time, wide acceptance or favor
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Wordly Wise Lesson 12
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