Wordly Wise Lesson 11

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  1. Amenity (n)
    • 1. A feature that contributes to physical comfort
    • 2. A feature that increases the attractiveness or value of a location
  2. Averse (adj)
    Having feelings of opposition or distaste
  3. Complacent (adj)
    So self-satisfied that one sees no need for change; unconcerned
  4. Decompose (v)
    To decay or break down into simpler elements
  5. Defray (v)
    To supply the money for; to pay
  6. Emanate (v)
    To radiate from; to come out of a source
  7. Envisage (v)
    To picture in one's mind; to imagine something in the future
  8. Facetious (adj)
    • Playfully humorous
    • Ex.
    • Linda clains she was just being facetious when she asked if your new ring came from the bubblegum machine.
  9. Fallacy (n)
    • A false or mistaken idea
    • Ex.
    • The threory what goes up must come down is a fallacy.
  10. Furor (n)
    An uproar; a state of great anger or excitement
  11. Idyll (n)
    An episode or experience that is calm and carefree
  12. Paucity (n)
    Scarcity; smallness in numbers or amount
  13. Porous (adj)
    Full of tiny holes or spaces; easily penetrated by a fluid
  14. Supersede (v)
    To replace; to cause to be set aside because of superiority
  15. Tangible (adj)
    • 1. Able to be touched; real
    • 2. Possible to understand or realize; not vague or uncertain
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