Worldy Wise Lesson 10

  1. Amputate (v)
    To cut off a body part, usually by surgery
  2. Aptitude (n)
    A natural talent
  3. Beneficiary (n)
    • One who benefits or gains an advantage from something
    • Ex.
    • Impoverished families will be the beneficiaries of these low-rent apartments.
  4. Boon (n)
    • A welcome gift or a blessing
    • Ex.
    • The rain after the drought was a boon to the farmers.
  5. Commismerate (v)
    • To feel or express sorrow for; to sympathize
    • Ex.
    • When I'm feeling sad, it feels better when someone commismerates with me.
  6. Garner (v)
    • To collect or gather; to acquire or obtain
    • Ex.
    • The presidential campain garnered support from the people through commercials and advertisements.
  7. Gratis (adj)
    • Without payment; free of charge
    • Ex.
    • The samples at Costco are gratis.
  8. Incapicitate (v)
    To make helpless or vunerable
  9. Inception (n)
    • The beginning of an action or process.
    • Ex.
    • The movie Inception was confusing from its inception.
  10. Magnanimous (adj)
    Generous, unselfish, or forgiving
  11. Myriad (n)
    • A very large number
    • Ex.
    • A myriad of mosquitoes chased us through the woods during our camping trip.
  12. Practicable (adj)
    • 1. Capable of being done; feasible
    • 2. Usable
  13. Remunerate (v)
    To pay or reward
  14. Solicit (n)
    To ask for in a formal way
  15. Trite (adj)
    • Used so much that it is no longer fresh or new
    • Ex.
    • Using trite expressions when witing an essay is not a good idea.
  16. Affirm (v)
    • 1. State as a fact; assert strongly and publicly
    • 2. Declare one's support for; uphold or defend
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