IC A School Swbd & Power Distr

  1. What is the purpose of the Main IC Swbd?
    Provides for distribution , protection, and measurement of basic power and signals used for IC and Navigational equipment.
  2. How many different types of IC swbds are there?
  3. What are the types of IC Swbds?
    • *Main IC SWBD
    • *Local IC SWBD
    • *IC Test SWBD
  4. What are the 3 types of power sources for the MAIN IC SWBD?
    • Normal
    • Alternate
    • Emergency
  5. How are the power sources controlled?
    • ABT
    • MBT
  6. How Does an ABT work?
    • Normal seeking
    • Will roll over upon loss of normal or return of normal source from emergency.
  7. How does an MBT work?
    • 2 Switches: one for each power input
    • only 1 can be on at a time.
  8. What are the 2 main sections of the Main IC SWBD?
    • Power distribution
    • Action Cut-Out
  9. How many panels is there in the Main IC SWBD?
    6 total, (4 Power, 2 ACO)
  10. What is panel 1 used for?
    450 volt 3PH. 60 Hz
  11. What is panel 2 used for?
    120 volt 3PH. 60 Hz
  12. What is panel 3 used for?
    125/250 VDC
  13. What is panel 4 used for?
    120 volt 400 Hz.
  14. What is panel 5 used for?
  15. What is panel 6 used for?
  16. What is the purpose of the local IC SWBD?
    Provides local control of circuits vital to the operation of an individual space.
  17. Where does the local IC SWBD get power from?
    • Normal- MICS
    • Emergency- Local Lighting
  18. Where is the ABT located for the local IC SWBD?
    Internally inside the local IC SWBD.
  19. What is the purpose of the IC Test SWBD?
    Provides Various power sources external to the MICS to perform operational test of IC Equipment at the workbench.
  20. How many different types of switches are on IC Switchboards, and what are they?
    • 1. J Series
    • 2. Rotary Snap (SR)
    • 3. Toggle
  21. What is the current rating of the rotory snap switch?
    High Current
  22. How many positions are on the rotory snap switch?
  23. How many positions are on the ACO Switches?
  24. What type of voltage and current ratings can the Toggle sw. handle?
    • Low Voltage
    • Low Current
  25. How many positions does the toggle SW have?
  26. what are the 3 Different types of J series switches?
    • JR
    • JK
    • JL
  27. How many Positions does the JK switch have?
  28. What is the minimum reading for Phase to Phase reading on the installed voltmeter on the MICS?
    120 v
  29. What is the optimum range for Phase to Ground readings on the installed voltmeter on the MICS?
    60-90 v
  30. What is the voltage of the battery on the E1D1 bus failure alarm?
  31. How many tones does the E1D1 alarm make?
  32. On the fuse test panel what indication is given if a fuse is bad?
    light off
  33. On the sychro overload indicators what does a flickering light mean?
  34. How are IC ckts. Classified?
    • Importance
    • Rediness
    • Designation
  35. What effects on the ship will the Importance classified ckts have if they are turned off?
    Fighting effectiveness and maneuverability
  36. What effects will the Readiness class have on the ship?
    Will effect the readiness of the ship
  37. What are the colors of the 4 readiness classifications?
    • Class 1 YELLOW
    • Class 2 BLACK
    • Class 3 RED
    • Class 4 WHITE
  38. IC Systems that are essential to the safety of the ship and ship personnel are assigned what classification?
    Class 1
  39. What importance clasification of an IC system that if disabled, would seriously impair the fighting effectiveness and manuverability if  the ship?
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