flight chap 10

  1. As a pilot, what documents must you have on you?
    • Pilot's Certificate
    • Medical Certificate
  2. How long does each medical class last and who can use it?
    • 1st class: Valid until the end of the 6th calendar month after issued. Then it becomes a 2nd class.
    • 2nd class: Required by commercial pilots. Valid until the 12th calendar month after issue. Then it becomes a 3rd class.
    • 3rd class: Needed for private pilot operations. Good for 24 calendar month after issuence. If you are under 40, it's the end of the 36th calendar month.
    • ^^ this has recently changed and I believe it's good for 5 years now
  3. List the aircraft categories:
    • Airplane:
    • Rotorcraft: helicopters and gyroplanes
    • Glider:
    • Lighter than Air: balloons, blimps...
    • Powered Lift: Harrier jump-jet, V-22 Osprey...
  4. List the classes for the Airplane category:
    • Single Engine Land
    • Single Engine Sea
    • Multi Engine Land
    • Multi Engine Sea
  5. List Standard Airworthiness Certificate categories based on maneuvers:
    • Normal:
    • Utility: limited aerobatic maneuvers
    • Aerobatic: aeurobatic maneuvers
  6. Can you drop things from an airplane?
    Yes, if you take precautions not to injure anyone.
  7. What do you need to be legally current? (in order to carry passengers)
    • A logbook endorsements saying you completed a BFR in the last 24 calendar months. This can be in any category or class for which you are rated.
    • 3 takeoffs and landings in the same category and class within the preceding 90 days. (and at night if you want to carry passengers at night)
  8. Define 'high performance' and 'complex airplanes':
    • high performace: one with more than 200 HP
    • complex: one with retractable landing gear, wing flaps and a controllable propeller
  9. If you change your address, you must notify the FAA Airman Certification Branch within how many days?
  10. Preflight planning. You should know about:
    • You
    • Your Airplane
    • The airports you're going to use
    • The environment
  11. List the VFR fuel flight requirements minimums:
    • In daytime, 30 minutes extra.
    • At night, 45 minutes extra.
  12. Passengers must use seatbelts when?
    • Taxi
    • Takeoff
    • Landing
  13. You cannot fly after having a drink within? Or a blood alcohol content of?
    • 8 hours
    • .04%
  14. You can't carry a passenger who is under the influence of?
    Drugs or alcohol- unless it's an emergency or medical patient.
  15. Right of way information: 10-15
    see chapter 10-15
  16. VFR cruising altitudes when more than 3000 feet? These are based on magnetic course, not what your compass indicates.
    • West: even + 500 feet
    • East: odd + 500 feet
    • (We Eat Everybody's Oranges)
  17. You must use oxygen when?
    • No Oxygen: At and below 12,500 feet MSL
    • 12,500-14,000 MSL: more than 30 min, the crew must use oxygen
    • 14,000+: crew must use oxygen entire time
  18. If you are over open water, over a sparesly populate area- how far away do you have to be from any person, vehicle or structure?
    500 feet
  19. Over an uncongested area, how high to you have to be above ground level?
    500 ft
  20. Over a congested area, how high do you have to be?
    1000 ft, and 1000 feet above the highest obstacle within a 2000 foot horizontal radius
  21. If ATC gives you a clearance, you must follow it, unless?
    You have an emergency.
  22. The National Transportation Safety Board requires immediate notification when?
    • An accident - a death or serious injury to a person, or substantial damage to an aircraft
    • Overdue aircraft involved in an accident
    • Any inflight crew member is unable to perform normal flight duties.
    • A flight control system malfunction or failure
    • An in-flight fire (but not on the ground)
    • An in-flight collision
    • More than $25,000 in damage to property other than your aircraft
  23. After an incident or accident, you must submit a written report within how many days?
    10 - but only if the NTSB requests the report after you notify them.
  24. Accident reports- 10-23
    see chapter 10-23
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