1. Used to hold and heat liquids. Multipurpose and essential in the lab.
  2. can be used for storage, for mixing and for displaying.
  3. used for heating and exposing items to flame. They have many more uses than a hot plate, but do not replace a hot plate.
    Bunsen Burner
  4. used in titrations to measure precisely how much liquid is used.
  5. used to heat small quantities to very high temperatures.
  6. used to heat and store liquids. The advantage to the Erlenmeyer Flask is that the bottom is wider than the top so it will heat quicker because of the greater surface area exposed to the heat.
    Erlenmeyer Flask
  7. used to heat and evaporate liquids.
    Evaporating Dish
  8. used for heating subtances that need to be heated evenly. The bulbed bottom allows the heat to distribute through the liquid more evenly. The Florence Flask is mostly used in distillation experiments.
    Florence Flask
  9.  a piece of eqipment that is used in the lab but is not confined to the lab. The funnel can be used to target liguids into any container so they will not be lost or spilled.
  10. used to crush solids into powders for experiments, usually to better dissolve the solids.
    Mortar and Pestle
  11. used for moving small amounts of liquid from place to place. They are usually made of plastic and are disposable
  12. used to hold items being heated. Clamps or rings can be used so that items may be placed above the lab table for heating by bunsen burners or other items.
    Ring Stand
  13. used to stir things. They are usually made of glass. are very useful in the lab setting.
    Stir Rod
  14. come in many different sizes. The sizes are from 0 to 8.can have holes for thermometers and for other probes that may be used.
  15. used to easily clean the inside of a test tube.
    Test tube Brush
  16. used to hold test tubes when they are hot and untouchable.
    Test tube Holder
  17. used to hold testtubes while reactions happen in them or while they are not needed.
    Test tube Rack
  18. used to take temperature of solids, liquids, and gases. They are usually in oC, but can also be in oF
  19. used to hold many different things such as flasks, crucibles, and evaporating dishes when they are hot.
  20. used to hold crucibles when they are being heated. They usually sit on a ring stand
  21.  used to measure one specific volume. They are mostly used in mixing solutions where a one liter or one half a liter is needed.
    Volumetric Flask
  22. used to hold solids when being weighed or transported. They should never be heated.
    Watch Glass
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