ice protection

  1. Describe the Ice Test on the first flight of the day.
    • ECS Systems page
    • Thrust levers 83%N2
    • Engine Bleed Air..Open
    • Crossbleed...AUTO
    • Ice DetectionOverride Knob..ALL
    • Ice Detection Test Knob...1
    • held for 10 sec no more than 15 sec, OPEN lights are on, appropriate bleed temp indicator disappears, 
    • EICAS msg of : ICE DET1(2)FAIL,BLD1(2) Low TEMP, ICE CONDITION,and Crossbleed OPEN.
    • Ice detection test knob... Release
    • Test other side
    • OVRD Knob..AUTO
    • Thrust Lever ...IDLE
  2. What is supplied anti icing by bleed air on the airplane?
    what is heated by electric?
    • Wing and horizontal stabilizer leading edges, engine air inlet lips.
    • Windshield heat, Pitot tubes, AOA sensors, TAT Probes, Static prts, lav water drain and water seervice nipples.
  3. When do the wing and stabilizer ant ice turn on?
    When does the engine antiicing turn on?
    • Ice detection test knob,or airplane is inflight or a ground speed above 25 kts, and ovrd knob is set to ALL or knob is set to AUTO or ENG and any ice detector is activated. 
    • Detection OVRD knob is set to ALL or ENG, or OVRD Knob is set to AUTO and any ice detector is activated, or Test knob 1 or 2.
  4. How do the ice detectors sense ice?
    When the frequency of the detector is interupted ice has been encountered. Heats up the ice detector to melt the ice. until natural frequency is restored. stays on for 60 after ice is melted. 
  5. When are pitot tube, static ports and AOA vanes heated?
    Pitot/static3 and pressurization system static port2?
    TAT1 and TAT2?
    • when one engine is running above 54.6% N2.
    • in any flight condition.
    • airplane is in flight.or ice detected on the ground.
  6. What does pitot static 3 go to ?
    ISIS,and CPAM
  7. What does the FADEC do if Eng ice is needed?
    At what point does it stop this?
    • it boosts up N2 automatically on the engine to supply enough bleed air for anti ice..
    • below 15000 ft and gear down. pilot increases the thrust if EICAS shows up.
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