AN SC 260

  1. Nutrient
    Any chemical, element or compound in the diet that supports normal maintenance of life processes, growth, reproduction, or production of products or work
  2. Macronutrient
    Nutrient required by the animal in relatively large amounts
  3. Micronutrient
    Nutrient required by the animal in relatively small quantities
  4. Essential (Indispensable)
    Elements or compounds required in the diet that connot be synthesized by the animal
  5. Non-essential (Dispensible)
    Nutrients that can be synthesized by the animal from dietary precursors
  6. Conditionally Essential
    Essential in the diet only under sertain conditions such as gestation, lactation, rapid growth, etc.
  7. Digestion
    Chemical and physical breakdown of foods into smaller and simpler particles
  8. Absorption
    Passage of molecules from the GI tract through the mucosal cells, into blood or lymph systems
  9. Peptides
    Chains of amino acids joined by peptide bonds
  10. Polypeptides
    Relatively short chains of peptides (tens to hundreds)
  11. Proteins
    A chain of amino acids (hundreds to thousands) joined together with peptide bonds
  12. Liebig’s Law of the Minimum
    A crop's yield is restricted by the lack of a single element, even though there may be sufficient quanitities of all other essential nutrients
  13. Bypass protein
    Dietary protein which is not degraded by microbial action in the rumen
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