1. Why do triacylglycerols make such a good form of energy storage?
    They are less oxidized and yield more energy. And their vast amount of fatty acid tails store high amounts of energy.
  2. Why are fatty acids named fatty acids? What is fatty about them? What is acidic about them?
    They contain a long aliphatic chain. Their fatty nature is derived from triglycerides or phospholipids. Their acidic nature comes from the carboxylic acid that is attached to them.
  3. What is the importance of the phosphate group in a phospholipid?
    this provides charge of one end of the molecule allowing it to form a membrane (a lipid bilayer)
  4. What 2 cell types that we discussed in class have significant glycosphingolipids in their plasma membrane? What other lipid types are cell membranes composed of?
    Nerve cell membranes and RBC. Phosphoglycerides are also found in the membrane.
  5. Name 4 roles of sterols in humans
    Membrane lipid, digestion, vitamin D formation, hormones
  6. There are no binding proteins that chaperone eicosanoids through the circulation. How do they accomplish their function despite that?
    Through signaling molecules

    Their actions are meant to be local.
  7. What is the mechanism of action of aspirin?
    Aspirin inhibits cyclooxygenase which is what signals for pain.
  8. Volatile anesthesia tend to be hydrophobic. One of their sites of action is thought to be....
    In hydrophobic pockets of membrane-bound proteins.
  9. You would expect caverject to require injection near to it's site of action because
    Prostaglandins only act locally in the body due to their lipid nature.
  10. Define polar and no polar. Which tends to be hydrophobic? Hydrophilic? Explain why lipids don't mix well with water.
    Polar molecules are those that are more electronegative in a certain region causing electrons to go more towards one side than another, hydrophilic. Nonpolar molecules are those that either have no polarity or the symmetrical nature of the molecule cancel out the polarity, hydrophobic molecules. Lipids don't mix well with water because they have a long fatty acid chain that is hydrophobic.
  11. Sphingolipids contain...
    • A nitrogen
    • Image Upload 1
  12. Glycerophospholipids contain...
    A phosphate group, fatty acid and an alcohol.
  13. Fatty acids...
    • A long chain of hydrocarbons
    • Image Upload 2
  14. Prostaglandins are....
    Contain 20 carbons including a 5-carbon ringImage Upload 3
  15. Triacylglycerols are...
    • An eater derive from glycerol and three fatty acids
    • Image Upload 4
  16. Steroids...
    • Contain 4 cycloalkane rods that are joined to each other
    • Image Upload 5
  17. Name this under both nomenclature rules you learned in class
    Image Upload 6
    20:5 delta 5,8,11,14,17orw-3 20:5
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