Physio: College Prep

  1. Mr. Elwell graduated from this type of school.
  2. About half of the graduating class will attend this type of school next year
    Community College
  3. These colleges can provide you an education that can lead to a fulfilling career.
    All colleges
  4. In the great state of california, you can attend these schols at no cost.
  5. Big dorms and small parking lots
  6. All of these schools offer vocational training or certificates
    Community college
  7. you must take the EPT and ELM or have an equivalent score to attend these schools
  8. what does ELM stand for?
    Entry level math
  9. what does EPT stand for?
    English placement test.
  10. All of these schools have big parking lots and no dorms
    Community colleges
  11. only 5% of inde students have graduated from these schools in two years
    community college
  12. Everyone who attends these schools earn at least their bachelors degree
  13. Students from independence have graduated from these school
    all of them
  14. Some of these schools cost $50,000 + per year to attend as a california resident
    Private universities
  15. When taking the SAT, what code do you use? 
  16. these schools offer an inexpensive way to become an auto mechanic
    Community college
  17. there are 23 of these schools in California
  18. most of these schools require freshmen to live on campus in their dorms
  19. these schools have dorms and very big parking lots
  20. you can drive to eight of these schools within 35 minutes of indy
    Community college
  21. tuition and fees will run you about $7500/ year at one of these schools in san jose
  22. these schools recieve no direct support from state taxes
    Private universities
  23. you pay less than $500 a semester for these schools
    Community college
  24. this can be an easy transition to 4-year colleges for those without enough math, science and foreign language.
    Community college
  25. only a placement test is required and you don't need SAT
    community college
  26. what is the typical GPA for CSU
    • typical: 3.0
    • min: 2.0
  27. what is the typical GPA for UC's
    • typical: 3.8
    • min: 3.0
  28. which college requires ELC & 9% guarantee?
  29. what site should you go to to find out more things about community colleges?
  30. which site should you contact if you want to learn about CSU's
  31. which site should you contact if you want to learn about UC's
  32. what is one prompt for your personal statement?
    describe the world that you come from
  33. what is a second prompt for you personal statement?
    personal quality, talents, accomplishments or experiences important to you
  34. how many CSU's are there?
  35. how many Private universities are there?
  36. how many CU's?
  37. how many community colleges?
  38. these types of schools offer AA degree as well as vocational training
    community college
  39. you can earn doctrate degree at these types of schools
    private and UC
  40. you can receive financial aid when attending theses schools
  41. these schools offer both bachelor's and masters'
    CSU, UC, Private
  42. you must take the ACT and SAT to attend these colleges
    CSU, and Private
  43. you can easily transfer to the UC system from these schools
    community college
  44. your transcripts should be sent to these schools if you apply
    All schools
  45. people who attend and graduate from these schools earn at least a bachelor's degree
    UC's and Private
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