Unit 3 VOcab

  1. buolic
    adj. charmingly rural,
  2. pretentious
    adj. making ridiculous claims
  3. gullible
    adj.easily deviced or cheated
  4. convivial
    adj. fond or partying festing  drinking
  5. discrete
    adj. apart from others, separated, unconnected distinct.
  6. discreet
    adj. sneaky unnocible, showing prudence
  7. fabricate
    v. to lie, to make up something
  8. gesticulate
    v. to make gestures specially when talking
  9. laud
    v. to praise to applaud; extol
  10. belabor
    v. to go over repeatedly; to an unsurd extend. to explain or worry way to much
  11. reiterate
    v. to say again; to repeat
  12. conflagration
    n. hufe fire; inferno; destructive fire
  13. induce
    v. cause to happen; influence
  14. soporific
    adj. causing to sleep; very boring
  15. anarchy
    n. a state of society without goverment or law. absence of government control
  16. strident
    adj. shrill; high pitched; harsh sound
  17. nonchalant
    adj. not showing any consern or worries
  18. malleable
    adj. wasy to shape or bend
  19. ludicrous
    absurd; ridiculous
  20. abridge
    v. to shorten; condense
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Unit 3 VOcab