Vocabulary 09/03/2012

  1. eagerness
    • ea·ger·ness
    • noun
    • - strong desire, an impatient want
    • s. enthusiasm
    • a. disinterest

    My eagerness was so great that I ran out of energy.

    When it comes to homework, I have absolutely no eagerness.
  2. shudder
    • shud·der
    • verb
    • - a strong shake out of fear or cold
    • s. quiver, shiver
    • a. steady

    Every time I watch a scary movie, I shudder with fright.

    When I heard the wooden floor creek, I shuddered all over.
  3. scornful
    • scorn·ful
    • adjective
    • -to treat someone egotistically, snooty
    • s. arrogant
    • a. respectful

    It is not polite to be scornful to someone.

    When I was younger, people would be scornful to me.
  4. peculiar
    • pe·cu·liar
    • adjective
    • - specific to a person, place or thing
    • s. unique
    • a. abnormal

    The peculiar dish tasted better than it looked.

    The peculiar object in the backyard was a broken basketball.
  5. shamelessly
    • shame·less·ly
    • adverb
    • - no appearance of shame
    • s. immodestly
    • a. ashamed

    My brother shamelessly lies to my mother sometimes.

    The girl shamelessly lied about her grades.
  6. shimmered
    • shim·mer-ed
    • verb
    • - glistened with a shaking light
    • s. gleammed, glow
    • a. dulled, darkened

    The light shimmered so bright, it woke me from my nap.

    The sun rays shimmered on the water which caused the appearance of a rainbow.
  7. penetrate
    • pen·e·trate
    • verb
    • - to pierce through something
    • s. thrust, barge
    • a. withdraw, exit

    When the pencil penetrated though my pants, my Grandma had to sew the pants for the next day.

    In sewing, the needle must penetrate the material to bound it.
  8. vigorous
    • vig·or·ous
    • adjective
    • - full of energy and will
    • s. exuberant, active
    • a. idle, weak

    Candy's vigorous lifestyle keeps her young.

    Every time I have coffee, I become excitedly vigorous.
  9. vivid
    • viv·id
    • adjective
    • - a sharp impression or appearance with color
    • s. brilliant
    • a. dull, boring

    The vivid colors of the rainbow can be seen for miles.

    The vivid decorations made the party even more enjoyable.
  10. solemn
    • sol·emn
    • adjective
    • - serious, in a grave mood
    • s. glum, somber
    • a. funny, laughing

    When ever my dad is solemn, I know it will be a long day.

    • When I am tired, I feel solemn.
  11. replicate
    • rep·li·cate
    • verb
    • - to make a copy or duplicate of something
    • s. counterfeit, reproduce
    • a. original, prime

    I love to replicate my duct tape purses.

    I tried to replicate a Romero Britto painting but failed miserably.
  12. technology
    • tech·nol·o·gy
    • noun
    • - the study of electronics and how they work.
    • s. automation, computers
    • a. none

    My house is full of technology.

    My dad knows all about technology.
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