History- The Gilded Age

  1. Robber Baron
    Ruthless business man; petina of unscrupulousness to him
  2. Second Industrial Revolution
    built around steal and internal combustion engine; modern science emerges
  3. Cornelius Vanderbuilt
    Robber Baron; starts poor. becomes wealthy by transporting people in boats. Buys judges. Expands to railroads. "Colossus of Roads"
  4. Steel
    strong and more flexble than iron. Couldn't mass produce until 1850's (Bessemer Method). Used to build skyscrapers
  5. Andrew Carnegie
    "Steel Tycoon" from Scottland. Grows up poor. Saves and invests. Becomes wealthy, invents "U.S. Steels"
  6. Corporation
    practice in Carnegie's time. Own legal personhood. provides buffer between company and employer
  7. Trust
    Corporation of corporations
  8. John Rockeffeller
    Makes money in oil. Controlled 90% of oil in America and lowers prices. Gas engines become popular.
  9. Standard Oil
    Founded by John Rockefeller
  10. Sears/ Roebuck
    Produce male order catalog. National market to consumers
  11. Trade Unionism
    workers collectively bargain with management for better wages and working conditions
  12. Muckraking
    type of journalism exposing business practices, corrupt governments, poor social conditions, etc. Hallmark of progressive movement.
  13. Progressives
    Reeformers who believe in using the power of government to affect what they see as positive social change
  14. Public Schooling
    acheivement of progressives in the late 1800's; children should go to school instead of working.
  15. Panic of 1873
    U.S. Grant's aministration attempts to buy all the gold (corner the market). One of the worst financial scares.
  16. Populists
    Farmers/ people in rural areas who dislike and try to limit the influence of banks, big businesses, and railroads.
  17. Thomas Edison
    Great, uneducated scientist from New Jersey who invented the functioning incandescent light bulb, film, and record player. Resented educated scientists.
  18. Niciola Tesla
    Comes to America to work. Later works for Thomas Edison. Profects Alternating Current as a method of transmitting electricity. Has a photographic memory and synesthesia.
  19. Electrification
    process of establishing connections between homes, businedsses, and powerstations; known as "The Grid".
  20. Tabulating Machine
    Invented by Herman Hollerith. Punches holes to record data. Looks similar to scantron.Without this machine, nothing BIG was possible. 
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