Greece Vocab

  1. Barbarian
    a wild and uncivilized person
  2. Limited Government
    a form of government in which everyone, including the people in authority, must obey the laws
  3. Democracy
    a form of government in which citizens govern themselves
  4. Philosophy/Philosopher
    a system of beliefs and values
  5. Tribute
    a regular payment made to a powerful state or nation by a weaker one
  6. City-State
    a city that is also a seperate, independant state
  7. Aristocrat
    a member of a rich and powerful family
  8. Slavery
    the condition of being owned by, and forced to work for, someone else
  9. Majority Rule
    the practice that more than half of a group can make decisions binding on the whole group
  10. Plague
    a widespread disease
  11. Assassinate
    to murder for political reasons
  12. Tyrant
    a ruler in ancient Greece, who took per by force, with the support of the middle and working classes
  13. Blockade
    an action taken to isolate an enemy and cut off it's supplies
  14. Acropolis
    the fortified, or strengthened, hill of an ancient Greek city
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