FS Merchandising Exam 1

  1. Coffin
    a case or recepticle for dead human remains which is anthropoidal in shape.

    wedge shaped - usually with 8 sides
  2. Casket
    a rigid container which is designed for the encasement of human remainsand which is usually constructed of wood, metal, or like material and ornamented and lined with fabric (FTC)

    a case or recepticle in which remains are placed for protection, pratical utility, and a suitable memory picture;

    any box or container of one or more parts in which a dead human body is placed prior to internment, entombment, or cremation which may or may not be permanently interred, entombed, or cremated with the dead human remains
  3. Wood thickness varies
    3/4-7/8" stock used
  4. Hardwood
    any tough, heavy timber with a compact texture

    any deciduous tree (any tree that loses its leaves annually)
  5. Softwood
    any light, easily cut wood

    cone bearing or coniferous
  6. Plywood
    thin sheets of wood glued together so that the grains are at right angles to one another

    an odd number of sheets will be used so that the grain on the front and back will always run the same directon
  7. Wood by-Products
    Corrugated fiberboard

    Composition board (pressed board, particle board, fiberboard, hardboard) they are particles of wood bonded together with a waterproof glue

    the different types are distinguished by the size of the particles of wood used
  8. Laminates
    a type of wood casket exterior that is made by uniting superimposed layers of different materials
  9. Artificial laminates
    man-made layers, usually plastics, resembling the appearance of wood
  10. wood resonates
    time, warmth, and beauty
  11. Ferrous metal
    any metal formed from iron

    (more susceptible to rust)

    thickness expressed in United States standard guage
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