Flight controls

  1. How are the elevators controlled?
    How many  Tabs are there and what do they do?
    • Mechanically actuated
    • 4 Tabs two on each elevator.
    • 2 spring tabs - located on the inner portion helps move the elevator at high speeds.
    • 2 servo tabs- moves in the opposite direction of the elevator reducing the force required to move the elevator. Outer portion.
  2. How is the horizontal stabilizer controlled?
    How many channels does the Horizontal Stab have?
    Where are those channels located?
    • Electrically through the pitch trim.
    • 2 independant- Main and backup
    • In the HSCU Horizontal Stabilizer Control Unit
  3. What things does the HSCU do?
    • Controls the trimming rate based upon airspeed.
    • checks the stabilizer position when Takeoff config is pressed.
  4. What are the ways horizontal stab is controlled?
    main, backup switches, automatically through autopilot and speed brake activation.
  5. is there any priority over pitch trim?
    • LH side overrides the RH side which overides the autopilot.¬†
    • No priority for Main and backup
  6. What protections does the Pitch Trim have ?
    • 1/2 the switch is pressed for more than seven seconds will shut down that side of the pitch trim, other side still functions.
    • Cant make imputs for longer than three seconds for main and backup trims. TRIM Aural warning.
    • If held cummulative for 16 seconds when the Actuator is stalled system will be turned off.
  7. How are the ailerons controlled?
    How many systems?
    What happens if one of the sytems fails?
    • Hydraulically with a mechanical backup.
    • 2 hydraulic systems supplying both ailerons.
    • one system can power both ailerons.
  8. If a jammed situation occursWhat is lost if the left side is jammed? Right?
    once you diconnect can you reconnect in flight?
    • Left- lose autopilot
    • Right - artifical feel and roll trim servo.
    • No only on ground by maintenance.
  9. What powers the Rudder?
    Hydraulics through PCUs with a mechanical backup.
  10. How many ways can the Rudder be shut off?
    • Three ways
    • Manually, Auto shut off, or hardover protection
  11. Explain the rudders automatic shut off?
    What happens if it fails to shut off?
    can system 1 take over if number two is failed?
    • Both systems power the rudder below 135 kts.
    • Above 135 kts system #1 shuts off.
    • Caution message leads you to shut off one of the systems.
    • yes
  12. Explain Rudder hardover protection?
    • Rudder reverts to mechanical mode if these are met simultaneously:
    • Rudder deflection above 5*+_ 1
    • Force above 130lbs on the pedal to counteract rudder deflection
    • both engines running above 56% N2.
  13. What type of flaps?
    two double slotted flap panels on each wing, that are electrically controlled.
  14. How many motors drive the flaps?
    what happens if one fails?
    What about both?
    • two motors.
    • The remaining motor will power the flaps at half speed.
    • System is inop and no flaps.
  15. What does a velocity sensor do for the flaps?
    • detects panel asymmetry.
    • will shut system down if it does.
  16. where are the speed brakes located?
    ground spoilers?
    • on the outside panel.
    • inside panel
  17. When do ground spoilers open?
    • Airplane on the ground
    • main landing gear speed above 25 kts
    • TLA <30* or both engines N2<56%
  18. When will speed brakes open?
    • TLA of both engines < 50*
    • Flaps 9* or less.
    • will not open if both are not met. EICAS SPBK LVR Disagree
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