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  1. Situation: Mrs. Oncomelania brought Elena her 3 year old daughter to the center due to cough for 1 week, unusual irritability and episodes of vomiting.

    1. On assessment, you noted coryza, reddish posterior palate, temperature of 37.6, nagging cough and respiratory rate of 47 breaths per minute. Using the assess the sick child chart, Elena can be classified under:

    B. Pneumonia

    • Fast breathing:
    • 0 to 12 months - 60 breaths per minute
    • 12 months to 2 years - 50 breaths per minute
    • 2 years to 5 years - 40 breaths per minute
  2. Based on Elena's classification, you plan to take which of the following actions?

    B. Give the first dose of Cotrimoxazole

    • For Pneumonia:
    • Give oral antibiotic --> Amoxicillin (first line) 2x a day for 3 days
    • Cotrimoxazole (second line) 2x a day for 5 days

    • Give antibiotic first before soothing the throat with:
    • - breast milk for exclusively breastfed infant
    • - tamarind
    • - calamansi
    • - ginger

    • Give bronchodilator if wheezing is present
    • - 2 puffs of Salbutamol metered dose (100ug/puff) q 15 minutes 3x
    • - continue Salbutamol for 5 days even in the absence of wheezing sound

    Refer for assessment of asthma/TB if cough = >3 weeks and with recurrent wheezing
  3. She may present with fast breathing if her respiration is

    A. 40 bpm and above
  4. If you are to provide antibiotics, which one is appropriate for Elena?

    C. Cotrimoxazole BID

    • Give oral antibiotic --> Amoxicillin (first line) 2x a day for 3 days
    • Cotrimoxazole (second line) 2x a day for 5 days

    • Procaine Penicillin:
    • - 2 months to 12 months - 200,000 IU
    • - 12 months to 5 years old - 400,000 IU
  5. Your instructions to Mrs. Oncomelania include:

    I. Soothe the throat with safe remedies
    II. Provide sugar water or milk to prevent low blood sugar level
    III. Bring her back to the center after 2 days
    IV. Bring her immediately to the center if her condition worsens

    D. I, III, IV
  6. Situation: The WHO is concerned of the unnecessary deaths of children below 5 years old in the developing countries. IMCI is trying to fight these unnecessary deaths.

    According to WHO, the most common cause of death among these under 5 children is:

    B. Pneumonia
  7. If the child has only one of the danger sign implicitly stated in the IMCI guideline, this child will be classified under what color?

    A. Pink

    1 Pink + 1 Yellow = Pink
  8. Which vital sign is important in classifying a child with pneumonia from those who do not have?

    A. Chest indrawing
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