U.S. History Terms 1

  1. Who found where the French colonized and called it Louisiana?
    Robert La Salle
  2. Which place was attacked by British and taken over by William Pitt? 
  3. Which Rivers were founded by Robert LaSalle? and which one did the French sail down?
    He found both of them, and the french sailed down the Mississippi River. 
  4. Who claimed the Ohio Valley? and what were the Americans told to do?
    The British and the French both claimed the Ohio Valley and the Americans were told not to enter, who ever had the Valley won. 
  5. Who was the governor of Virginia?
    Robert Dinwiddie
  6. Who was our first president and was a 22 year old officer whom led the small band?
    George Washington
  7. Who was fighting in the French and Indian war? and what were they fighting for?
    Great Britain and France for control of North America. 
  8. Which fort was the hastily contructed fort that was lost by George Washington to the French? 
    Fort Necessity
  9. Who was the british soldier and commander in chief for North America?
    Edward Braddock
  10. In which treaty did France give up north American lands east of the Mississippi in?
    The Treaty of Paris 1763
  11. What banned all settlement west of the Appalachians and was issued by the British Government?
    The Proclamation of 1763
  12. Who was the Ottawa leader who recognized that the French loss was a loss for Native Americans?
  13. What was a theory which held a country's ultimate goal?
  14. Who were the colonists who supported American Independence from Britain?
  15. Who were the colonists who supported the British government during the American Revolution?
  16. Who became King in the middle of the war?
    George III
  17. What was the legislative body of England?
  18. Which act was an attempt to reduce smuggling in the british colonies in North America?
    Sugar Act
  19. which act was it where the parliament established the first direct taxation of goods and services within the British colonies in North America?
    Stamp Act
  20. which act took pace in 1767and was about raising the price of necessary things?
    Declaratory Act
  21. which act established indirect taxes on goods imported from Britain by the British colonies in North America?
    Townshend Act
  22. which act was it where the british soldiers were placed into the homes of the colonists?
    Quartering Act
  23. What event was it when the British soldiers killed five colonists?
    Boston Massacre
  24. Which act was it where Quebec was sold back to France? 
    Quebec Act
  25. which act was it where monopoly was given to British east indies company plus a tax?
    Tea Act
  26. What event was it where colonists dumped 18,000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor?
    Boston Tea Party
  27. which act was set to punish Massachusetts colonists for the Boston Tea Party?
    Intolerable Acts
  28. who was a local merchant who had a ship that the british agents in boston seized called the Liberty?
    John Hancock
  29. who was called for a boycott of british good and was harvard educated?
    Samuel Adams
  30. who was a British revenue that enforced unpopular trade regulations?
  31. what group was made up of American patriots and originated in the pre independence North American British colonies?
    Sons and Daughters of Liberty
  32. what was the convention called of delegates from twelve of the thirteen North American colonies that met on September 5, 1774 in Pennsylvania?
    First continental congress
  33. What pamphlet was written by Thomas Paine that called for separation of the colonies from Britain?
    Common Sense
  34. who was a leader of the American Revolution who spoke out against British rule of the American colonies?
    Patrick Henry
  35. which congress approved the declaration of independence and served as the only agency of national government durin the revolutionary war?
    Second Continental congress
  36. Who was the second president and spoke for the British at trial?
    John adams
  37. who was one of the founding fathers of the U.S. and seeked the french help during the war?
    Ben Franklin
  38. who was a virinia lawyer and was chosen to express the committee's points?
    Thomas Jefferson
  39. where were the colonial forces defeated by the british in the first importnat battle?
    Battle of bunker hill
  40. What petition was a document sent by the second continental conress proposing a reconcilitation between the colonies and Britain?
    Olive Branch petition
  41. what document was written by Thomas Jefferson in which it declares the colonies independence from Britain?
    The declaration of independence
  42. What treaty does britain give up all control of American colonies?
    Treaty of Paris 1783
  43. What document outlined the form of government of the new United States?
    Articles of confederation
  44. How did the French and Indian war lead to the tension between the colonists and the British Government?
    britain heavily taxed colonies, wits enabled officials to search colonial homes. 
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