HUM: Aesthetic Perception and Response

  1. What are tied together through formal elements?
    Abstract ideas and concrete images
  2. How are form and content related?
    Artistic form reveals the content
  3. List the 7 formal elements?
    • line
    • direction
    • shape
    • mass
    • texture
    • color
    • luminosity or value
  4. Line
    • straight
    • curved
  5. direction
    • vertical
    • horizontal
    • diagonal
  6. shape
    • squares
    • rectangles
    • circles
  7. mass
    large or small
  8. texture
    rough and smooth
  9. color
    • red
    • yellow
    • blue
  10. luminosity/ value
    • light
    • dark
  11. list the 5 priciples of art?
    • unity and variety
    • balance
    • focal point
    • repetition/ rhythm/ pattern
    • movement
  12. balance
    symmetrical or formal and asymmetrical or informal
  13. focal point
    center of interest, where our eyes are drawn first
  14. repetition
    creates rhythm and patterns within the work
  15. movement- the way our eyes move through the work
  16. iconography
    the art of representing or illustrating an abstract idea by pictures, figuresm images, symbolic representation
  17. what are two different kinds of iconography?
    • universal symbols
    • personal iconographic images
  18. formal organization
    the artist selects and arranges the elements so that they work together for the artist's expressive purpose
  19. What is the structural framework of guernica?
    • two rectangles and a large center triangle
    • the side of the triangle and the lamp lead your eye to the apex of the triangle
    • no obvious signs of cruzifixion or guernica; just symbols and iconography
  20. formal dimensions of guernica
    • the horse is the focal point
    • curved lines dominate
    • repetition of oval adn triangle create rhythm
    • asymmetrical balance- visual and psychological weight
  21. Paintings explore human experience (3 examples)
    • events- actual or imaginary
    • ideas and actions
    • emotions and motivations
  22. What ethinicity was Picasso and where did he live?
    • he was Spanish
    • he lived in Paris
  23. artistic truth
    What the work of art "means"
  24. guernica uses two stories to illuminate the theme of sacrifice and redemption, list them
    • the crucifixion
    • the bullfight
  25. What does the almond shape mean in Guernica?
    • the bleeding heart of God
    • Catholic theolog: shown in the breast of the virgin Mary
  26. the stigmata displayed in the hands of the people in Guernica?
    visible wounds of Christ that appear in the flesh of the saints before they die
  27. the pieta in guernica
    the virgin holding the dead body of Christ (as a baby)
  28. the falling bird
    the human soul
  29. the gaping mouths in Guernica
    "My God, My God. Why hast thou forsaken me."
  30. making art requires three things
    • skill
    • technical ability
    • dedicated work
  31. what is art about?
    • communication
    • telling a story
  32. art invites what from an audience?
    a response
  33. Responding to art is what?
    • subjective
    • both emotional and intellectual
  34. how is art about form?
    the organization fo elements
  35. Give 4 definitions of art
    • the communication of an idea between creator and observer. It is the visual form of communication
    • any creation made by humans that reflects human experience of emotion. It must be independent of pre-existing art and must be of above average creativity, not achievable by ordinary men or women
    • anything created by a talented artist. neesd to be unique, eveident that the artist spent time adn put thought into the piece, should be visually appealing to the audience
    • an intentional creation that represents a though, feeling, or idea
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