APEuro age of metternich

  1. protocol
    a formal agreement or treaty
  2. reactionary
    political philosophy that wants no change(conservatism on steroids)
  3. morganic
    an inappropriate royal marriage
  4. idealization
    to view with great esteem; to see as better than it really is
  5. cause celebre
    a popular movement of the moment
  6. philhellenics
    a lover of greece
  7. sacrilege
    to be disrespectful of religion
  8. capital offense
    a crime punishable by death
  9. euphoric
    extreme happiness
  10. cadet
    a military student
  11. linguistic
    of or related to language
  12. gentry
    the english landed country gentlemen who dominated english politics from 1650-1850
  13. luddite
    one who fears technological change and progress
  14. artisan
    a skilled craftsman
  15. sedition
    to encourage resistance to lawful government authority
  16. public works
    government financed projects to create jobs by building things that benefit society
  17. provisional government
    a temporary government set up after a revolution until a permanent one can be formed
  18. autonomy
    to have control of local affairs but not be independent
  19. pan
    all or every
  20. fallow
    to leave a portion of land unplanted or unused
  21. enclosure movement
    an effort that began in the 1500s in england when the gentry began to fence off land; pushes poor farmers off
  22. industrialism
    1) the mass production of goods 2) by machines 3) set up in factories 4) using generated power
  23. ecumenical
    friendly relations with different religious groups
  24. utilitarianism
    • 19th century british philosophy that believed government should cause as little pain as possible
    • jeremy bentham
  25. historical dialectic
    marx's idea that all of history is a struggle between rich and poor. poor always eventually win
  26. labor unions
    an association of workers in a common industry; strength through numbers
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