1. Public Policies
    All of the things that a government does.
  2. Politics
    Process, or the mean by which govt is conducted.
  3. Parlimentary
    Govt. where the chief executive come from the legislature.
  4. Third
    The U.S. ranks here in pop.
  5. Sovereign
    Supreme and absolute power within its own territory.
  6. Federal
    Govt. where power is split between a central and several local govts.
  7. Population
    People living within a state.
  8. Dictatorship
    Single person or small group has absolute authority to run govt.
  9. Divine Right
    Theory which states that a person with "royal blood" was given the right to rule by God.
  10. Social Contract Theory
    Throughout time people willingfully gave up some of their own freedom to the state in order to ensure the safety of everyone.
  11. San Marino
    Smallest state in pop.
  12. Evolutionary Theory
    State dev. naturally out of the early family.
  13. Autocrats
    One person holds unlimites political power.
  14. Constitution
    Everything that our govt. does must follow this "blueprint".
  15. Unitary
    Centralized govt.
  16. Confederation
    Alliance between several independent states.
  17. Presidential
    Govt. where the exectutive and legislative branches are separate.
  18. Judicial
    Branch of govt. that interprets the law.
  19. Oligarchy
    Power to rule is taken by a small elite group.
  20. Republic
    Another name for a representative democracy.
  21. Legislative
    Branch of govt. that makes the law.
  22. China
    Largest state in pop.
  23. Executive
    Branch of govt. that enforces the law.
  24. Force Theory
    At some point in history a person or small group took control and forced everyone there to follow them.
  25. Indirect 
    Democracy where the people have representatives to carry out their will.
  26. Bosnia
    Largest state according to territory.
  27. Democracy
    Supreme authority rests with people.
  28. Direct
    Type of democracy demonstrated by an old town meeting where everyone votes.
  29. Government
    The institution through which a society make and enforces its public policies.
  30. State
    Nation or country.
  31. Six Purposes?
    • -FORM a more perfect UNION
    • -EST. justice
    • -ENSURE domestice tranquility
    • -PROMOTE the gen. WELFARE
    • -SECURE the blessings of liberty
  32. Three ways to classify?
    • -WHO can participate?
    • -GEOGRAPHICAL distribution of power
    • -RELATIONSHIP between legislative and executive govt.
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