sience 101

  1. life cycle
    the stages that an organism passes through from egg or spore to the reproducing adult
  2. generation
    one complete life cycle
  3. genetic material
    the set of instructions within a cell that controls an organism'and charactoristic's and life proceses
  4. unicellular
    consisting of only onev cell
  5. fungus
     a decomposer that usually reproduces through spores
  6. mushroom
    fleshy spore producing groth of certain fungi
  7. gill's
    the structures on the under side of a mushroom
  8. seed coat
    the protective outer coveringof the seed
  9. cotyledon
    the nutrient richstucture ina seed
  10. enbryo
    an organism produced from a spore or fertilized egg,in early stages of developement
  11. seedling
    a young plant
  12. fertilization
    the uniting of the genetic material of 2 cells
  13. fruit
    a plant structure that surrondsthe seed(s) of aflowering plant
  14. redd
    a salmon nest
  15. alevin
    a very young salmon hatchling
  16. parr
    a young growing salmon
  17. smolt
    an imiture salmon that migrates to the ocean
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