1. renounced
    -to give up

    He reounced some of his old habits.
  2. raucous
    -hoarse: rough-sounding

    They heard a very raucous shout.
  3. insolently
    -rude: arrogant

    The boy spoke insolently to his brother.
  4. deprived
    -to keep from having, using enjoying

    The boy was deproved of special privleges.
  5. simultaneously
    -occuring at the same time

    The two students spole simultaneously.
  6. reformmation
    -to make better by removing faults

    They noticed a reformation in their son's behavior.
  7. grimly
    -strernly; harshly 

    He spoke grimly to the people who had gathered inthe auditorium.
  8. warily

    She responed warily to the question.
  9. incredulously
    -showing doubt or disbelief

    She looked incredulously at the man who had made the statement.
  10. cynically
    -inclined to question the sincerity and goodness of people's motives and actions.

    'I'm not sure I believe that,"she said cynically.
  11. matronly
    -digified; sedate

    She approached the task in a matoronly manner.
  12. haggard
    -a worn-out or gaunt look

    The woman had a very haggard look on her face.
  13. lapses
    - a falling or slipping back into old habits.

    We hope she does not have additional lapses in behavior.
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