Soil Order

  1. Alfisols
    Arable soils with water content suitable to grow a 3 month growing season. Takes a long time to develop. Covers 10% of the earth.
  2. Andisols
    • Weakly weathered volcanic ejecta and vocaniclastic materials mixed with strongly weathered materials.
    • Good for agriculture. covers 2% of the US.
  3. Aridisols
    Form in arid climate. prodominant in deserts. water deficient. low organic matter.
  4. Entosols
    Of recent origin. Usually has no genetic horizons other thatn A or C.  covers 18% of the earth.
  5. Gelisols
     Cold climate soil with permafrost. within the top 2 meters of soil surface.
  6. Histosols 
    Low density, Large carbon sink, dominated by organic matter. Found mainly in the midwest, atlantic gulf coast. less than 1% of US
  7. Inceptisols
    Minimal horizon development. found on steep slopes and young geographic surfaces or resistant parent material.
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