Fuel System

  1. How is fuel supplied to the engines?
    Through three electric pumps located in the collector box.
  2. What supplies fuel to the collector box?
    How does it do this?
    • Ejector Pump and Flap valves.
    • uses venturi effect to create suction in the main tank and deposit the fuel in the collector box.
  3. What is the purpose of vents in the fuel system and what kind do we have?
    • Is to equalize pressure in the fuel tank so fuel flows freely.      
    • incorporates float vent valves, vent lines a
    • surge box and NACA vent.
  4. Where is tank temperature taken for fuel system?
    What is the Minimum temp ?
    • Taken in the Left tank
    • -40*C
  5. Where are the fuel shutoff valves located?
    How are they activated?
    • Located in the wing root
    • activated by the fire handle
  6. max fuel imbalance ?
    when will it disappear?
    • 800 lbs
    • within 100lbs.
  7. How many and where are they located measuring sticks?
    3 under each wing.
  8. How does fuel flow to the engine if you are  a drop of fuel in the tank.
    • Start out in the main tank and enter the collector box through
    • either the ejector pump or flap valves.
    • After entering the collector box one of the electric fuel pumps pumps the fuel from the electric pump through a check valve through shutoff valve and to the FPMU.
  9. Can one Fuel Pump supply fuel for the whole system in normal flight? What about during Takeoff and Landing?
    • Yes in normal flight. 
    • Not during takeoff and landing no crossfeed.
  10. Where do Pumps A,B, C get there power from?
    • A- Onside Ess DC BUS
    • B- Offside Ess DC BUS
    • C- Onside DC BUS
  11. Up to what altitude will FPMU supply suction to the engines if electric fuel pumps fail?
    FL 250
  12. At what pressure will additional fuel pumps kick on?how do they work? 
    • 6.5 psi
    • The pumps in standby kick on and cycle everytime the pumps drop below 6.5 psi until a working pump is selected.
  13. What happens when LOW 1(2) is selected?
    low side pump is turned off and opposite pump supplies fuel to both engines.
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