1. Herbivores
    Are animals that primarily eat plants.
  2. Carnivores
    Are animals that mostly eat other animals.
  3. Omnivores
    Are animals that eat both plants and animals.
  4. Organic matter
    Is material from living or once living things.
  5. Invertebrate
    Is an animal without a backbone.
  6. Decomposers
    Are organisms that break down dead plants and animals.
  7. Deciduous forest
    Is made of hardwood trees that lose their leaves every autumn.
  8. Prairie
    Is an area dominated by tall grass.
  9. Larva
    Is an immature stage in a butterfly's life cycle.
  10. Wetland
    Is places where water is near the surface of the soil much of the time.
  11. Aquatic ecosystem
    Includes lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and wetlands.
  12. Food web
    Is a network of food chains that have some links in common.
  13. Competition
    Is the struggle between organisms for the same resource in an ecosystem.
  14. Plankton
    Is a small organism that floats or drifts in water in an aquatic ecosystem.
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