1. according to
    entsprechend, nach, in Anlehnung nach

    You should play the game according to the rules.

    According to my watch, we're fifteen minutes late.
  2. appearance
    Aussehen, Erscheinung

    Your appearance is important in a job interview.

    Her appearance at the party was a surprise.
  3. briefing
    Beratung, Einsatzbesprechung

    Information that is given to someone just before they do something.
  4. bring
    bringen, mitbringen

    Did you bring an umbrella with you?

    Bring that book to me.
  5. clarify
    aufklären, verdeutlichen

    I hope this analysis will clarify the debate.

    Let me clarify this by an example.
  6. design
    Entwurf, Konstruktion

    Engineers are working on the new designs.
  7. differentiate
    unterscheiden, differnezieren

    He can't differentiate between blue and green.

    The only thing that differentiates the twins is the color of their eyes.
  8. guidance
    Anleitung, Beratung

    Students make choices about their future with the guidance of their teachers.

    I couldn't have done it without her guidance.
  9. i will take leave now
  10. initially
    zunächst, anfänglich

    The cat and dog did not get along initially.
  11. length
    Länge, Dauer

    The length of the movie was three hours.

    The length of the table is six feet.
  12. library

    A place in a town or school where you can borrow books.
  13. negotiate
    verhandeln, aushandeln

    The customer wanted to negotiate over the price.
  14. order management
  15. orders
    Aufträge, Bestellungen

    Excuse me, but I ordered chicken not beef.

    She ordered a dress from the catalogue.
  16. personality
    Persönlichkeit, Individualität

    She has a cheerful attractive personality.
  17. playground
    Spielplatz, Schulhof

    An outside area designed for children to play in.
  18. procedures
    Abläufe, Vorgehensweise

    Installing a car battery is a simple procedure.
  19. regulations
    Vorschriften, Bestimmungen

    When you build a house you have to follow your city's rules and regulations.
  20. response
    Rückmeldung, Antwort

    I wrote to my senator and received a response.
  21. resume
    fortsetzen, fortfahren

    The game resumed after the rain stopped.
  22. rules
    Regeln, Gesetze

    I will play if you teach me the rules of the game.

    He broke many of the school rules.
  23. select

    Please select the song you would like to play.

    A select number of people are invited.
  24. so many/much to do
  25. solve
    lösen (Problem), auflösen

    She solved her financial problems when she got a better job.

    They are working to solve the traffic problem.
  26. assembly

    When you build something by joining parts together.
  27. struggle
    kämpfen, ringen, streiten

    To fight with a difficult problem or situation.

    He struggled with his math homework all night.
  28. The ins and outs of something
  29. to get to know someone
    jemanden kennenlernen
  30. be careful
    sei vorsichtig
  31. I was born in Berlin
  32. I have worked at Siemens for five years.
  33. I have worked at Siemens since 2000.
  34. I am responsible for ...
    Ich bin verantwortlich für ...
  35. become

    She wants to become a teacher when she leaves school.
  36. get
    bekommen, erhalten

    Great shoes. Where did you get them?

    I think she gets about $40000 a year.
  37. receive
    erhalten, bekommen

    Did you receive my letter?

    You will receive a discount if you spend over $100.
  38. We will see each other in the kitchen next week.
  39. The factory is near the airport.
  40. The airport is nearby.
  41. The airport is close by.
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