CL Chap. 1-2

  1. Criminal liability falls on ...
    "conduct that unjustifiably and inexcusably inflicts or threatens substantial harm to individual or public interests"
  2. What is the acron. MPC
    • Model
    • Penal
    • Code
  3. Breakdown of criminal liability
    • Coduct that
    • unjustifiably and inexcusably
    • Inflicts or threatens substantal harm
    • To individual or public interest
  4. Criminal Law basic question
    "Who's criminally responsible for what crime"
  5. Torts
    Private wrongs for which you can sue the party that wronged you and recover money
  6. Two ways our legal system responds to social and individual harm
    • Torts
    • Crimes
  7. Is the crime of murder a tort?
    Yes, it is tried as a murder and later civil

    ex. O.J Simpson
  8. The first name of a case title is...
    What the gover. entity calls itself
  9. The second name os a case title is...
    The defendant's
  10. What two indispesable components does punishment have?
    Condemnation and hard treatment
  11. The case of Chaney v. State
    (1970) made clear the need for punishment to make condemnation meaningful.

    (Two Army rapist; the Judge was leniant)
  12. What does the moral turpitude crimes consist of?
    It consist of criminal behavior that needs no law to tell us it's criminal because it's inherently wrong or evil, like murder or rape.
  13. Def. of felony
    Are crimes punishable by death or confinement in the state's prison for one year to life w/o parole.
  14. Def. of misdemeanor
    Are punishable by fine and/or confinement in the local jail for up to a year.
  15. One difference between felony and misdemeanor
    Felony def. have to be in court and misdemeanor defendants don't.
  16. What two parts does criminal law consist of?
    • A general part
    • A special part
  17. Def. of general part of criminal law
    Consist of principles that apply to more than one crime
  18. Def. of special part of criminal law
    Defines specific crimes and arranges them into groups according to subject matter
  19. What are two types of "offenses of general applicability"
    • Complicity
    • Principles of justfication
  20. What are Specific crimes four groups?
    • Crimes against person
    • Crimes against property
    • Crimes against public oder and morals
    • Crimes against the state
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