1. Who elects the President
    the electoral college
  2. Who is the next federal official in line for the presidency after the VP.
    speaker of the House of Representatives
  3. What does Article III of the constitution deal with?
    the Judicial Branch
  4. How many justices including the chief justice are on the Supreme Court?
  5. How long does a justice of the supreme court remain a member of the court?
    for life
  6. Which must grant permission for a new state to enter the union?
    the congress
  7. What year did the constitution become a law fo the land?
  8. What officer resides over the House of Representitives>
  9. What is the offficer called who presides over the senate when the vice pres. is not in attendance?
    president pro tempore
  10. If each house of congress has passed a different version of the same bill where must the bill go?
    a conference committee
  11. for what is the pres. responsible as commander?
    administering the armed forces of the nation
  12. main idea of preamble
    to state the purpose of the constitution
  13. how is the membership of the house of representitives determined?
    by the apportioned population of the states
  14. how is represtation in the senate determined 
    by two representitives from each state
  15. Goverment body has the sole right to impeach
    house of representitives
  16. Goverment body has the sole power to try an official who is impeached?
  17. in what publication are the debates laws and other info about the activities of the legistlative branch reported?
    the congressional record
  18. which is not an expressed power of congress
    to declare laws unconstitutional
  19. What is another term for implied powers
  20. What officers are all part of the executive branch
    cabinet officers, pres, vice pres
  21. what is it called when president refuses to sign bill into law
    presidential veto
  22. What is not a power of the pres.
    to declare war
  23. What kind of juristdiction does the supreme court have over the cases concerning embassadors public ministers, and disputes between states?
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