Fundamentals MicroSoft Book Chapter 4

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  1.  LinqDataSource control
    • The latest control used for the communication between ASP.NET Web pages and the database.
    • It can be applied without having to type a single line of code.
    • The developer can opt to have all code written automatically by ASP.NET.
  2. ObjectDataSource control
    • Unlike the LinqDataSource, the ObjectDataSource control does not retrieve data from a database.
    • The purpose of this object is to move any needed data connections along with any needed Input/Output activities of the database, or any other data source, to a location outside the Web page.
  3. Data-Aware controls
    All the controls having the DataSource and DataSourceID properties.
  4. Data-bound controls
    Data-aware controls that have been bound to a specific data source.
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