1. Fibric Acid Deriatives include:
    • fenofibrate (Tricor)
    • gemfibrozil (Lopid)
  2. These decrease the hepatic synthesis and secreation of VLDL; reduce triglycerides
    • Fibric Acid Deriatives such as
    • fenofibrate (Tricor)
    • gemfibrozil (Lopid)
  3. ________ inhibits synthesis and secretion of VLDL and LDL, increases HDL, and can be used in combination with other lipid loweing agents.
    • Vitiamin B3 Niacin
    • ex. Nicobid
  4. Some side effects of Niacin (Nicobid) are:
    Hypotension, GI irritation, Pruritis (itching)
  5. Bile-Acid Sequesternants:
    Bind with bile acids in the intestine forming insoluble complex and excreted in feces.
  6. BileAcid Sequesterants include:
    • –Cholestyramine – (Questran)
    • –Colestipol - (Colestid)
    • –Colesevelam - (Welchol)
  7. BileAcid Sequestrants:Therapeutic Uses
    •Treatment of hyperlipidemia–Decrease the triglyceride levels –Increase HDL by as much as 25%

    •Available as a dry powder–Must be mixed with liquid or soft food–Ability to bind many drugs
  8. Image Upload 1High density lipo-proteins:
    • Carry fats away from arteries
    • Generally higher in women until menopause
    • Increase with physical activity
  9. Image Upload 2Low density lipo-proteins:
    • Affinity for coronary arteries
    • Have more cholesterol
    • Low LDL are desirable
  10. Non-modifiable risk factors for CAD:
    • Age–Middle-age
    • Gender–Male >women until age 60
    • Race–Whites > blacks
    • Genetic predisposition (Family history)
  11. Modifiable Risk factors:
    • •High serum lipids
    • •HTN
    • •Smoking
    • •Diabetes Mellitus
    • •Obesity
    • •Sedentary lifestyle
    • •Stress
  12. Serum Lipids Lab values for:
    -Serum cholesterol
    -Fasting triglycerides
    Serum cholesterol > 200mg/dl–Liver produces cholesterol

    Fasting triglycerides > 150 mg/dl
  13. HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (Statins) work by?
    • -Inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase (Enzyme used by the liver to produce cholesterol)
    • -Lowers the rate of cholesterol production
  14. Statins Include:
    • •Atorvastatin-    (Lipitor
    • •Fluvastatin - ( Lescol)
    • •Lovastatin -  (Altocor / Mevacor)
    • •Pravastatin -  (Pravochol)
    • •Rosuvastatin - ( Crestor)
    • •Simvastatin - ( Zocor)
  15. Do not take with grapejuice with: 
    Statins, because it may cause toxicity
  16. Rhabdomyolosis a side effect of Statin drugs is:
    • the break down of skeletal muscle, the byproducts of skeletal muscle destruction accumulate in renal tubules.
    • •Causes acute renal failure
    • •Crush injuries, toxic effect of drugs, extremes of exertion, sepsis, shock, severe hyponatremia
  17. Rhabdomyolosis
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