chapter 11 vocab words

  1. amenity
    something conducive to comfort, conveinence, or enjoyment
  2. demographic
    the statistical characteristics of human populations used to identify markets such as ( age or income)
  3. depleted
    lessened markedly in quantity, content , power or value
  4. fervent
    exhibiting by great intensity of feeling
  5. flagged
    some way as to remind or remember that specific action needs to be taken
  6. harmonious
    accord in sentment or actions having the parts agreeable related
  7. immigrant
    a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence
  8. incidental disclosure
    a secondary use or disclousre that cannot reasonably be prevented
  9. intercom
    a two-way communication system with a microphone and loudspeaker at each station for localized use
  10. perception
    a quick, acute , and intuitive cognition, a capacity for comprehension
  11. phonetic
    constitiuting an alteration fo ordinary spelling that better represents the spoken language that uses only characters of the regular alphabet and that is used in a contex of conventional spelling
  12. progress notes
    notes used in the medical record to track the patient's progress and condition
  13. sequentially
    arranged in sequence
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