Basic Nursing chapter 8

  1. What is the Nursing Process?
    The professional Nurses approach to identifying, diagnosing, and treating human responses to health and illness (aka. the nurses' scientific method)
  2. The Nursing process is a five step process, what are the five step?
    • Assess
    •       evaluates the patients condition
    • Diagnose
    •       Identifys the patients problems
    •             contains a (R/T)
    • Plan
    •       sets goals of care and and desired outcomes,
    •            contains a "Pstient will"
    • Implementation 
    •       Preform the nusring ations identified in planning.
    •             Contains a I, " the nurse will"
    • Evaluate
    •       Determinsr if the goals are met and outcomes achieved.
  3. Subjective Vs. Objective
    Subjective: Patients verbal description of their health problems.

    Objective: Observations or measures of a patients health status.
  4. What Does NANDA stand for?
    North american nusring diagnosis association
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