Metabolism Final

  1. How can you force yourself to stress your lactic acid system?
    Use Work Relief to block refilling of ATP/CP stores, but allows clearance of metabolites including lactic and heat to the blood.
  2. Relief interval is...
    The time between reps of the work intervals.
  3. Most important part of interval training?
  4. How can you get a raised HR during resistance training?
    Use lower body larger muscles and increase reps to 15 or more
  5. Nautilus circuit of training results...
    • 1. NC in body weight
    • 2. decrease in sum of 3 skinfolds
    • 3. run group increase in VO2 max
    • 4. free weight group NC in VO2 max
  6. Macdougall and J.D. Heavy resistance training and immobilization study results for training...
    Increases in Arm girth, Strength, CP, Creatine, ATP, ADP, Glycogen, Total creatine and adenosine pools.
  7. Macdougall and J.D. Heavy resistance training and immobilization study results for immobilization...
    • Decreases in Arm girth, Strength, CP, Creatine, Glycogen, Creatine pool.
    • NC in ATP, ADP, Adenosine pool.
  8. Effects of High Intensity Strength Training on CV Function...
    • No significant changes in Body weight, % body fat.
    • NC in Max VO2, Max HR, Cardiac output, hemodynamic responses.
    • A significant change in 1RM strength.
  9. More Glycogen depletion from continuous Exercise and Intermittent Exercise on...
    Quad, Cardiac Muscle, Liver, Kidney, and Blood.
    • Quad = Inter
    • Cardiac Muscle = Inter
    • Liver = Cont
    • Kidney = Cont
    • Blood = Same
  10. Glycogen Repletion in 4 hour and remaining 20 hours...
    Skeletal Muscle, Cardiac Muscle, Liver, and Kidney.
    • Skeletal Muscle = Supercompensation(4) / Normal(20)
    • Cardiac Muscle = Some(4) / Supercompinsation(20)
    • Liver = None(4) / Normal(20)
    • Kidney = None(4) / Normal(20)
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