GCSE Geography

  1. where is Mexico city
    it's in Mexico in North America
  2. Mexico city has 
    • homless street kids 
    • shanty towns
    • pollution 
    • crime 
    • water shortage 
  3. until a few years ago it was estimated that spending a day in Mexico city was equivalent to 
    smoking baout 40 cigarettes 
  4. what are the solutions to the pollution problems 
    • one solution i shoy no circula which translatez to today it (your car does not circulate) . Bascially the law states that you are only allowed to use your car a maximum of 6 days a week 
    • eco bike scheme 
    • program de transporte escolar this prohibits parents from bringing their children to school by car 
  5. Mexico has improved the qaulity and availabilty of public transport and as a result
    it has 473,000 passengers a day 15% of whom had origionally used public transport
  6. Mexico city's bicycle lanes have been extended by 
  7. the hoy no circula sabatino program cuts roughly 
    960 tonnes of pollutants 
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